Resiliency Through the Adversity: Our Brains and Bodies Respond When the Conditions of Safety and Connection Are Present

Presenter: Dr. Lori Desautels

In this unprecedented time, we have all been affected by COVID-19 and Racism. Our brains are built for resiliency, but the developing brain and stress response systems can be significantly impacted by chronic unpredictability, isolation, and the traumas from lived experiences. In this workshop, we will share and explore the tangible practices educators are able to utilize to meet children and youth in brain and body state; therefore, calming the nervous system and opening the pathways in the brain for feeling safe and connected.  Students feeling safe and connected will result in increased engagement, learning, and emotional, social and physiological well-being.  This workshop will also introduce the concept of school resiliency teams, and how resiliency teams can greatly enhance school culture while improving student achievement and educator effectiveness.

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