Research-based Best Practices in Digital Learning Series – Part 1

Joseph Lamb
Presenter(s): Joseph Lamb

Regardless of method of implementation (hybrid/online/blended/face-to-face), educators must consider the research-based best practices that research shows has the greatest impact on student achievement. As we continue to navigate difficult and challenging times in the education community, it is still important to ensure that we implement best-practices to the best of our ability to get the most out of distance learning. In this series of on-demand videos, we will embark on a journey to analyze the research of Robert Marzano and John Hattie to determine what best practices look like in a digital learning environment and how to implement those strategies to provide high-quality learning experiences for all students.

Presentation 1A Series Examining Blended/Hybrid Learning Through the Lens of Marzano and Hattie

Presentation 2Identifying Similarities and Differences
In this On-Demand presentation, identifying similarities and differences will be examined.

Learning Intention(s):

Presentation 1

  • Participants will be able to examine research-based best practices from top educational researchers.
  • Participants will learn how these best practices can be implemented in an online learning environment.

Presentation 2

  • Analyze the research on homework and practice.
  • Investigate how instructional strategies related to homework and practice can be implemented in an online/blended learning environment
  • Plan for best-practices for the use of homework and practice.

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