Re-Imagined Math Instruction for the Virtual Classroom Grades 6-12 Series

Presenter: Laurie Ferry, Director of Professional Learning & Lena Darnay, Professional Learning Specialist, CIESC
Dates: February 23 and March 2  |  4 – 5:30 PM

How do you take that great lesson you have been doing for years and make it adaptable to a virtual/hyrbrid classroom? Do you have some standard or content that you are struggling with how you are going to make it work in a virtual environment? In these sessions, we are going to take those lessons and transform them into amazing, engaging, creative virtual lessons for you to deliver to your students. We will be choosing topics/lessons from your submissions to transform before your eyes. Lena is the digital learning expert and Laurie is the math expert and together they will make magic happen.

Learning Intentions

  1. Explore strategies that transform traditional lessons into virtual lessons.
  2. Engage in rich discussion with other educators while sharing ideas around what works in a virtual environment.
  3. Examine digital tools that support math instruction and student engagement in a virtual classroom.

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