Preparing Hireable Hoosiers for Educators

Amanda McCammon
Presenter(s): Amanda McCammon, Indiana STEM Ecosystem Lead
Date(s): October 5 - 12:30 pm EDT
Cost: $50 | FREE for GEER Schools

Indiana educators are now expected to incorporate career readiness and employability skills standards into their K-12 instruction. Understanding how to implement the Indiana Employability Skills grade band standards into units of instruction in a meaningful way is key to bringing life to career development in your classroom and making it more than just a one-off career day event! This session will assist teachers in developing and implementing high-quality career development activities that meet the Indiana employability skills standards for their grade band. Teachers will also learn techniques to ensure they can create quality community, business and industry partners that are mutually beneficial.

This is a virtual event.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Develop an understanding of what “career readiness” looks like for their students
  2. Develop units of instruction and lesson plans that incorporate their grade band-specific Indiana Employability Skills Standards
  3. Learn how to ensure they are creating high-quality, mutually beneficial business partnerships that work for their classrooms

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