Powerpreneurship: Storytelling in Action!

Anthony Murdock II
Presenter(s): Anthony Murdock II

Powerpreneurship is the art of strategically leveraging the power in stories. Stories are an incredible form of currency, especially in marginalized communities; to leverage that currency strategically can lead to systemic change and that kind of change is more necessary now than ever. Whether you’re a student, parent or administrator, you have a story! And your story can play a role in the breaking down of barriers that lead to justice or it can contribute to narratives that continue to disenfranchise the least, lonely and left out. Through powerpreneurship, people have the opportunity to use their story to become the change they seek and help others do the same.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Learn the pillars of powerpreneurship.
  2. Understand how to practice powerpreneurship.

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