At Home or At School, Play Makes Learning Cool! Series

Carol Grady and Carol Howard dressed up
Presenter(s): Carol Grady and Carol Howard

During this new reality of remote learning or hybrid learning in the classroom, strategies and techniques will need to be adapted. Instruction needs to be engaging and interactive to effectively meet the standards. Teachers will need to support standards missed from the last quarter of last year.

We will enhance your teacher toolbox by giving you hands-on, engaging play-based activities that are adaptable to any classroom lesson. Research supports that learning should be fun! We believe in moving, pretending, and playing while learning. “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning,” says Diane Ackerman. Educators will leave the session with the knowledge of why play is essential in the classroom, what play-based learning looks like, and how to implement it while meeting standards.

Learning Intention(s):

1. Learners will receive philosophical understandings to support purposeful play-based learning that meets academic standards.
2. Learners will receive classroom-tested activities that are adaptable to any classroom lesson.
3. Learners will receive our support services for free as they move toward play-based learning in their own classrooms.

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