Organizing Your Math Workshop with the 8 Effective Teaching Practices in Mind, K-8

Jessica Miller
Presenter(s): Jessica Miller, Professional Learning Specialist
Date(s): April 14th from 8:30AM - 3:30PM EST
Cost: $125 (FREE for GEER School Districts)

Whether you have 40 minutes or 90 minutes in your daily schedule, you know that every minute of a Math Workshop matters. In this Workshop, participants will engage in collaborative learning about the 8 Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices (NCTM) and high-impact teaching strategies that help teachers and students make the most of each part of the Math Workshop.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Participants will collaboratively learn about the 8 Effective Teaching Practices and think about how the work they already do connects to the practices.
  2. Participants will examine a variety of teaching structures through the lens of the 8 Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices.
  3. Participants will analyze their own Math Workshop for strengths and alignment to the 8 Effective Teaching Practice and high-impact strategies.

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