Making Data Privacy Promises That You Can Keep

Chad Heck & Kristin Patrick
Presenter(s): Chad Heck & Kristin Patrick
Cost: FREE

Most district leaders can agree that the protection of student and family privacy is a necessary objective. Committing to that goal, however, can be a different story. How do you determine realistic action steps? How do you convince staff to follow recommendations or rules that have been implemented to protect student privacy?

Chad and Kristin will share their experiences tackling both of these questions. Spoiler alert — there are no easy answers. They will also pitch ideas for educating district stakeholders on data privacy protection in this conversational format session.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Identify realistic concrete action steps that district leadership teams can take to protect student and family privacy
  2. Generate ideas for district leadership teams wanting to educate their school district community on the importance of protecting student and family privacy

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