KINL Coaching: Set Up for Success in a New Year

Start the year strong with a focus on impactful, goal-driven coaching!

Join this event to develop a plan for coaching implementation that aligns to school improvement goals, PD plans, and district initiatives.

Coaching work has the power to improve teaching and learning in schools. As partners with teachers and leaders focused on student learning, coaches are positioned to positively impact teaching and learning. By focusing our coaching work on the goals and initiatives already happening in the school and district, coaches amplify the impact of their work.

This two-day workshop will provide coaches and administrators with the tools needed to refresh their coaching mindset, time to develop a coaching plan for the school year, and collaborative opportunities for coaches and their administrative partners to develop an intentional coaching plan that aligns to the professional learning and initiatives already taking place in schools and districts.

Coaches and administrators will work together utilizing the School Improvement Plan to consider ways they can partner together in a community of professional learning around these goals. Administration must attend the second day.

What to Expect

Day 1: Coaches

July 19, 2023
8:30AM – 3:00PM EST

In-Person at CIESC

Set your coaching work up for success by starting strong!
Learn how to intentionally set goals for partnerships with teachers, develop a calendar for coaching cycles, and plan your roll-out for a new year.

Day 2: Coaching and Administrator Partners

July 20, 2023
8:30AM – 3:00PM EST

In-Person at CIESC

Ensure coaching work is part of a culture of professional learning!
Coaches and principals work together to set goals for the year to maximize professional learning by connecting coaching work with school and district goals.

Who should Attend

Instructional Coaches, Technology Coaches, Department Chairs, Mentor Teachers, Curriculum Coordinators, and other leaders who provide coaching cycles in their building and/or district AND an Administrative Partner.

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$250 / Coach + $125 / Admin Partner
ESC Member
$215 / Coach + $106.25 / Admin Partner
CIESC Member
$200 / Coach + $100 / Admin Partner