Keep Indiana Chatting, Hosted by Melissa Walley and Dianna Knox

Melissa Walley and Dianna Knox
Presenter(s): Melissa Walley and Dianna Knox
Date(s): March 9 & 30, May 4 & 18

This or That: Digital Tools Edition – March 9 – We’ll compare digital tools – share your favorite features of popular tools in our fun “this or that” showdown. Trending TuesdayMarch 30 – We’ll be watching what’s trending in technology integration in the time leading up to this session and host a lively discussion on what is new, relevant, and on the horizon.
Pandemic Survivor Learning: Form an Alliance – May 4 – How do you like to learn? Did that change with the pandemic? What worked for you? Who were your go to resources that you can share with the tribe?
Refresh, Restore, Reflect – May 18 – What will you be doing this summer to get ready for next year? Will you be resting and practicing self-care and wellness? Will you be engaging in professional development? Share your plans – what is best for you is the right answer!

Learning Intention(s):

1. Teachers will engage in discussion based on current topics in education
2. Teachers will reflect on the past year in education and where we go from here
3. Teachers will compare digital learning tools available to them

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