Integrating Computer Science in the Classroom and Unpacking the Updated Standards

Designed specifically for each grade band for educators in any subject, the Integrating Computer Science professional development workshop is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge and instructional strategies to integrate computer science into existing coursework.

The topics covered in each workshop include:

  • Unpack Prioritized Indiana Computer Science Academic Standards and learning outcome per grade band
  • Indiana Computer Science Standards, including where to locate the standards and how to navigate the curriculum map
  • Role of Computer Science in society and the classroom
  • Introduction to the core concepts and core practices of computer science
  • Experiencing classroom lessons for each core concept

This workshop will be hybrid – meaning we will be working alongside educators from all corners of the state alongside other ESCs.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for all educators! Gen ed classroom teachers, computer science teachers, resource & tech teachers will all walk away with things ready to implement.


What to Expect

This live workshop will be held simultaneously at ESC locations across the state!  There will be a live, virtual presenter and in-room facilitators who will foster collaboration and communication among your peers.

  • Free
  • Lunch provided
  • Sub fees reimbursed

Grade bands

  • Grades 6-8: Rescheduled, new dates announced soon!
  • Grades K-5: Rescheduled, new dates announced soon!

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