Instructional Coaches Cadre

Laurie Ferry and Anna Cook
Presenter(s): Laurie Ferry, Director of Professional Learning, & Anna Cook, Professional Learning Specialist, CIESC
Date(s): September 29-30, October 27-28 - 8:30 am EDT
Cost: $450

This four-part series will allow participants to explore coaching practices, implement them in their work, and reflect and receive feedback on those practices. Jim Knight’s Impact Cycle will provide the instructional coaching framework for this work. The components of a variety of coaching models including Instructional Rounds will be implemented in this community of practice. Participants will also explore John Hattie’s 10 Mindframes and 16 personality types to enhance coaching relationships.

This event is an in-person event.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Participate openly with instructional coaching members
  2. Apply coaching practice within your school and report back to the cadre
  3. Openly reflect on current practice and its impact

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