Indiana Special Education/Special Needs CSN

IN Special Needs Educators - Collaborative Support Network
Presenter(s): Keep IN Learning
Date(s): March 16th, April 20th, and May 18th from 11:30AM - 12:30PM EST
Cost: FREE

Join us to build a community of support among the Special Needs and SpEd educators of Indiana. This first meeting is a collaborative starting point where we will connect, share needs, and set a plan for the future of the CSN.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Establish a network of Special Education and Special Needs educators in Indiana
  2. Explore ways for a Community Support Network to be developed and shared across the SpEd community
  3. Explore needs for the CSN to create and deliver support, professional learning, and community for SpEd educators

School Year Line-Up

February 16th
March 16th Tools for Collaborating with Paraprofessionals
April 20th Topic TBD
May 18th Topic TBD

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