Indiana Mathematics Leadership Academy (IMLA)

2023-2024 IMLA is open to PreK - Middle School

What is IMLA?

The Indiana Math Leadership Academy (IMLA) was established in 2018 as an opportunity for K-12 instructional leaders and teachers to come together to develop the knowledge and tools used for supporting effective, ambitious, and equitable mathematics teaching and learning. IMLA is designed to bring teachers and leaders together as a team working collaboratively to transform the teaching and learning of mathematics in their schools. When teachers and leaders come together to learn, reflect, and grow, the culture of teaching in schools makes a significant shift. This collaboration leads to participants recognizing their strengths, areas of growth for their schools, target specific goals for teachers and students, and take schools to the next level in creating critical thinkers.

At a Glance

6 In-Person Days in Indianapolis

Summer 2023 through May 2024

K-12 School / District Teams Only

40 PGPs Possible

Cohort 1, 2018

Key Components

  • Focus on the 8 Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices
  • Invest in transforming mathematics teaching and learning in your school
  • Immerse your team in the latest research defining math education and student learning
  • Collaborate and create a network of math educators and leaders.
  • A facilitation team that includes some of the best math minds in the state of Indiana.  The IMLA Leadership Team are the math educators who are leading the current curriculum and instruction work in the state.

How will IMLA positively impact the teaching and learning of mathematics in your school/district?

Textbook Adoption

Have you recently adopted a new textbook or are you in the process of doing so? During IMLA, you’ll have the opportunity to learn research-based best practices of the teaching of mathematics and think about how your new textbook is or can be a tool for seeing ambitious math teaching in your schools.

Test Score Growth

In order for our students to be strong mathematicians, they need to learn how to be critical thinkers. Critical thinking is a result of ambitious math teaching that puts students at the center of the learning in their classrooms. The 8 Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices, when applied in classrooms, creates students who are critical thinkers that when presented with complex problems,  have the tools to conquer! When all of this is applied, student learning will increase. This will be evident in both every day student work and standardized test scores.

Cohesive Teaching Practices

When administrators and teachers come together to learn, think, and reflect, they understand the kind of mathematics learning culture they want to see in their buildings and districts. Taking the time to do this, create a vision statement, establish goals for teachers, and design professional development opportunities to engage other teachers in similar experiences will create cohesive teaching practices across all grade levels – something from which every student in your school will benefit.

Find out what past participants are saying!

High school principal

This is a hands-on PD that will give you the chance to explore, practice and create a plan to apply the shifts in mathematics to your school! The year-long approach is helpful to make sure that this learning stays top of mind, and there is focus on students, teachers, instructional coaches and administrators. As a former English teacher and now high school principal, I would highly recommend this training to any administrators or instructional coaches who need to quickly get up to speed on best practices in math and how you can support your math leaders in this work!

Elementary instructional coach

The tools of IMLA have really impacted our school in terms of how we look at mathematics. We are more driven to create classrooms that promote differences in approaches, facilitate meaningful discussions, and make everything we do purposeful.

Elementary teacher

IMLA has supported my school by giving teachers the tools necessary to set students up for long term success. It has given us a valuable opportunity to reflect on our past teaching practices and it has given us time to plan for the future.

7th grade teacher

IMLA helped to give us direction for our work around mathematics teaching and learning. Working with the IMLA cohort provided me with the time and support needed to create a specific goal for instruction and to create a plan for putting that goal into action. The sessions were carefully crafted to support our ongoing learning of what high quality math teaching and learning looks like, and then we were given time to apply that learning to our overall goal. I am so grateful for the skills facilitation of the IMLA team and the support they provided all year. I am so grateful to have been a part of this cohort!

District administrator

IMLA offers a unique opportunity to meet with other math educators across the state to learn, discuss and reflect on best math teaching practices, which enhances student engagement and learning. Participation in the cohort also provides insight into math practices from K-12, which promotes valuable insight for vertical articulation of math practices across grade levels. Through this program, districts will collaborate and develop a vision and mission to excel math instruction at all grade levels.

The time at IMLA was amazing.  Our team of six was able to establish a district vision and goals with the background knowledge of two different school and district administrators working collaboratively.  It is not only rare to find time for this type of collaboration, but to be able to engage while being supported by experts was outstanding!

Who Should Attend

IMLA is designed for teams of teachers and administrators to come together and learn and think together. Each team must have at least one administrator and one teacher. Before registering, you must fill out a quick application, get approval for registration and then register. An administrator is a principal, assistant principal, or district administrator

Start Your Application

Pair: $1450
Triad: $1950
Quad: $2500
Extra Person: $600
ESC Member
Pair: $1232.50
Triad: $1657.50
Quad: $2125
Extra Person: $510
CIESC Member
Pair: $1160
Triad: $1560
Quad: $2000
Extra Person: $480

If you would like to use member district credits please contact Elizabeth Johnson at
(3 credits per participant)

This is an application-based cohort. Teams must apply as at least a pair with one instructional leader (principal, assistant principal, department head, instructional coach) and one teacher. District and school teams will be considered.

Academy Cohort Dates

Three Day Summer Institute

  • June 6-8, 2023 in-person at CIESC in Indianapolis
    • Discounted Hotel Rates Available

Three In-Person Follow-Up Meetings

  • September 27, 2023
  • January 31, 2024
  • May 8, 2024

All questions may be emailed to Elizabeth Johnson.

3-Day Summer Institute (June 6-8)

Day 1
  • What is mathematics instructional leadership?
  • Understanding the “shifts” of mathematics instruction
  • What does it mean to Build Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding?
  • Team reflection time
Day 2
  • Establish Mathematics Goals to Focus Learning
  • Implementing Tasks That Promote Reasoning and Problem Solving
  • Administrators collaboration
  • Teachers collaboration
  • Team Reflection Time
Day 3
  •  Revisiting the Shifts
  • Facilitate Meaningful Mathematical Discourse
  • Team Vision, Goals, and Planning Time

3-Day In-Person Follow-Up Meetings

Day 4 – September 27
  • Team sharing
  • Supporting Productive Struggle
  • Posing Purposeful Questions
  • Administrator Collaboration
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Team Reflection and Planning Time
Day 5 – January 31
  • Team sharing
  • Use and Connect Mathematical Representations
  • Elicit and Use Evidence of Student Thinking
  • Administrator Collaboration
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Team Reflection and Planning time
Day 6 – May 8
  • Putting the 8 Effective Teaching Practices Together
  • Team Share Day

Get Started

Please have your team leader fill out the application below.

Your application will be reviewed by Keep Indiana Learning upon submission. If your team is approved, your billing email will receive the link for payment and your team leader will receive a notification of pending-approval upon payment completion. Once full payment has been received your team leader and all team members will receive a notification email of registration approval.

Name(s) of administrators applying with the IMLA team:(Required)

(Please note an administrator MUST participate in this team in order for you to participate in IMLA. If you do not have an administrator, we encourage you to sign up for our Project EM-PACT cohort! An administrator is a principal, assistant principal, or district administrator)

Please make sure to include yourself when adding team members if you will be part of the cohort team.
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How many years have you been using this textbook?(Required)
Will you be able to participate in all 6 days of the IMLA? (June 6, 7, 8, 2023; September 27, 2023; January 31, 2024; May 8, 2024)(Required)
Will the designated administrator be able to support teams in finding space and time for PD, engage in goal-setting and reflection, and utilize the resources and tools obtained through participating in IMLA?(Required)
One of the goals of the IMLA is to create a vision statement of the teaching and learning of mathematics in your school, design goals aligned to this vision, and create professional development opportunities for teachers based on these goals. Is this something your school/district can commit to for the 23-24 school year?(Required)