How Simulation-Based Learning is Transforming Education

Imran Mouna
Presenter(s): Imran Mouna
Date(s): September 28 - 4:00 pm EDT
Cost: FREE

Communication skills are one of the most in-demand skills in the workplace today, and one of the skill sets students struggle the most to develop – especially now as we adjust to online learning. Simulation technology and artificial intelligence are changing the landscape of education. With more post-secondary programs incorporating elements of online learning, new tools are coming to the forefront to help students develop the necessary skills to succeed in a virtual environment.

InStage turns Zoom meetings into immersive simulations where students have the opportunity to practice interviews, business pitches, presentations, and more with a diverse cast of characters that makes it feel like they’re talking to real people. Afterwards students immediately receive personalized feedback reports they can use to make improvements and track their progress.

By giving students a safe environment to practice in, InStage can help build confidence while preparing students for the real world.

Learning Intention(s):

This session will focus on the following learning outcomes and all attendees will be given the opportunity to book a free, 30-minute private InStage simulation.

  1. How simulations can be used online to create a fun and engaging learning opportunity for students in a synchronous and asynchronous environment.
  2. How simulations can be used online to support hybrid learning efforts and offset the increased workload for faculty.
  3. How InStage simulations are being used by educational institutions to leverage advanced technology to meet the demands of the modern learning environment.

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