Gamification of the Classroom

Bradley Moorhead & Kevin Gill
Presenter(s): Kevin Gill & Bradley Moorhead
Cost: FREE

Our goal is to get as many students engaged in our 6th grade math course as possible. Every year there are kids that just seem to tune out. It may be due to something that is going on at home, or just that their mind drifts to things they love to think about, and simplifying fractions just can’t compete. Something that always seems to capture a student’s attention is any type of game. We want to take the mechanics of a game that make it so engaging and apply them to the classroom. If 1000 points (in our case ‘Spy Points’) can be earned by simply participating in class, or completing your homework on time, and those points can be used to purchase a spin on a spinner that could earn you cool power-ups, abilities and privileges, then a student might be more inclined to get that homework done.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Increase student engagement on a daily basis
  2. Strategies for incorporating game mechanics into your curriculum
  3. Make your teaching experience more enjoyable

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