Exploring Two Inquiry-Based Teaching Models

Dr. Christy Hilton
Presenter(s): Dr. Christy Hilton
Date(s): March 3rd from 9:00AM - 12:00PM EST
Cost: $150 ($125 for ESC Member School Districts, FREE for GEER School Districts)

Today’s students must be proficient in science regardless of their intended career path. Science proficiency involves more than an understanding of important concepts, it also involves being able to “do” science. This includes being able to use scientific explanations to solve problems, to generate and evaluate scientific explanations and arguments, and to communicate in an effective manner. In this session we will consider how to write an engaging question and then explore a question through Roger Bybee’s 5E Instructional model and Victor Sampson’s Argument-Driven Inquiry model. Both models provide avenues to develop science proficiency in students.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Participants will learn the basics of writing an engaging guiding question.
  2. Participants will be introduced to the 5E Instructional model based on a guiding question.
  3. Participants will be introduced to the Argument Driven Inquiry model based on a guiding question.

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