Explicit Instruction with Early Literacy Strategies Series

Michelle Elia
Presenter(s): Michelle Elia, Ohio Literacy Lead, Instructional Consultant
Date(s): September 1, 15, 29 - 8:30 am EDT
Cost: $275

Research tells us that reading is a science that must be explicitly taught. To best support and accelerate reading for our students, we need to use explicit instructional techniques that model and engage our students (both in-person and virtually). In this 3-day workshop series, Ohio Literacy Lead, Michelle Elia, unpacks the exact steps needed to explicitly teach the foundational skills that create fluency for early readers. Participants will gain the needed research and understanding behind the science of reading, as well as tangible instructional practices to address both reading loss and acceleration. Michelle will also provide coaching opportunities after the series for registered participants.

This is a virtual event.

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