Examining ILEARN Data – PM Session

Dr. Michelle Grewe
Presenter(s): Dr. Michelle Grewe

Join this live, virtual presentation and support opportunity to learn with Dr. Michelle Grewe from NIESC (Northern Indiana Educational Services Center). The information in this workshop is appropriate for superintendents, principals, curriculum and assessment directors, instructional coaches, and teachers who track, analyze, and apply data. Preliminary ILEARN results will be released on May 17. Your school will be given a variety of different reports to choose from and information to sort through. You are super busy, so let this workshop guide you through the many options so you can work efficiently and effectively.

Participants will be given a copy of the slideshow embedded with a wealth of resources to work more efficiently and confidently. The presentation will not be recorded.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. ILEARN Scoring: PLDs, Cut Scores, Quantiles, Lexiles, writing scores, and more. (What are they, where are they, and how can they be used?)
  2. Online Score Reporting site: How to find your way around the site. Who has access to what information.
  3. Types of Reports: Individual Student Reports VS Standards-Level Reports VS Aggregate Level Reports. What are they? What information is included? Where are they? How can they be used?
  4. Next Steps: Learn how blueprints, item specifications, PLDs, other data sources that correlate with the test can help you plan for future options.

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