Engaging Reading Strategies in a Virtual Setting

Presenter: Carrie Rosebrock, Professional Learning Specialist, CIESC
Live Sessions: March 30 & April 13  |  4 – 5 PM
Cohort: March 15 – April 23

Looking for ways to create engaging, critical reading sessions in your virtual classroom? This session explores top Visible Learning reading strategies as applied to a virtual learning environment. Engage students with reading and strategies that actually help them pause, think, and make decisions about what they’ve read. Participants will join a cohort of learners for a six-week blended learning series.

Learning Intentions

  1. Identify top reading strategies as determined by Visible Learning Research
  2. Engage in virtual tools to use when using top reading strategies
  3. Reflect, share, discuss roadblocks and successes with reading in virtual classrooms

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