Curriculum Selection: Roadmap for Success

March 14 Or April 22 | 8:30AM-3:30PM ET | In-Person at CIESC

Selecting a new curriculum requires intentional planning and implementation. Leaders should consider several key steps as they navigate this decision. This workshop will guide corporation and school leaders through the selection process and offer suggestions for implementation.
Participants will design their roadmap to select and implement a new curriculum with fidelity. Intentional planning in the beginning leads to successful outcomes. Join us for this collaborative session!

Who should attend?

Participants should include corporation and school leadership or those involved in the curriculum selection process.


What to Expect

Participants will

  • engage with the large group to collaborate on a thoughtful roadmap towards implementation.
  • create clear next steps and potential risks will be defined as a culminating activity from this session.


Facilitated By

  • Charity Flores

    Dr. Flores is owner and lead consultant for Flores Consulting Group. She served the Indiana Department of Education for thirteen years, most recently as Chief Academic Officer. Her experience includes standards development, assessment and implementation, and service to diverse student populations. She collaborates with teams to support leadership conversations and planning to implement initiatives with fidelity.



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