Creating Math Activities that Engage Remote Learners

Kyle Kline
Presenter(s): Kyle Kline

“How am I supposed to teach math virtually?” is a common cry from many educators during this pandemic. It is okay, you are not alone! Attendees for this session will become “students” in a virtual setting and be able to see and feel what their students observe in this same environment. “How can I engage my students?” “How can I cover new concepts?” and “How on Earth do I write on the screen?!” will be some of the questions that we will be answered. Come prepared with open minds and open hearts as we learn new ways to connect with our students during a remote learning, hybrid, and in-class setting.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Teachers will learn some FREE activities they can use in their classroom the very next day to engage their students.
  2. Teachers will learn how to create these activities on their own and share via their learning management systems.

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