Comprehension Intervention (Grades 5-9)

Kara Guiff
Presenter(s): Kara Guiff
Date(s): October 1
Cost: $50

Discover how to use some of my favorite FREE and FREEmium (The Free versions are all you need) technology tools to help students build the reading comprehension skills they need to make progress toward mastery of grade level standards. These tools make it easier for you to differentiate, know where students are succeeding and struggling, and help you free up time to meet with students individually or in small groups. Join me and learn how Read Theory, Actively Learn, Classroom Inc., and more have helped my students make more progress than they ever thought possible. I will do an overview of each tech tool, walk you through some of the features, and provide time for you to explore, create classes, and begin finding/creating assignments as well. You will leave this training ready to start using at least one tool.

*This is an asynchronous event*

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Understand the benefits of and how to use Read Theory to help students increase comprehension levels
  2. Understand the benefits of and how to use Actively Learn to hlep students work on comprehension of assigned digital texts (fiction, nonfiction) and have access to general education curriculum
  3. Understand the benefits of and how to use Classroom Inc. (Read to Lead) to help students gain comprehension skills while learning skills that prepare them for the workforce

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