The Power of Community Circles Series

Trudi Wolfe
Presenter(s): Trudi Wolfe
Cost: FREE

Part One
Each year more and more of our students are experiencing chaos, trauma, and other significant adversity in their homes. This situation is impacting our students’ ability to learn due to their inability to regulate their emotions and to make good choices about their behavior. In order to create a learning environment that incorporates SEL within the regular school day, we developed a program to focus on relationship-building between teachers and students. With the guidance of the school counselor and the support of the building principal, Central Elementary implemented community circles each day in every classroom in the morning during the 2017-2018 school year. The following year Central Elementary implemented closing circles at the end of each school day. The purpose of community circles is to help every member of the school community begin and end the day on a positive note and to build relationships. During this presentation, we will share our journey by examining why we chose community circles, how we implemented this program, and what our results have been. From counselor, principal, and teacher perspectives, we will also share some of the tools that you will need to implement a similar program in your school.

Part Two – Teacher & Principal Perspectives
Trudi Wolfe is joined by her current principal, Stephanie Cotter, and a teacher, Crystal Majors. Together they will share the value of community circles and their impact on students and the climate of their classrooms and school. In addition, they will share how community circles have made a difference for them as educators. They will also identify how they structure their meetings and what supports they need to continue this program.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. To understand the need for community circles
  2. To learn how to implement community circles
  3. To learn how to get staff support for the program

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