Burned-In Teacher

Amber Harper
Presenter(s): Amber Harper

Feeling burned-out? The eight-step BURNED-IN process was created to help teachers to assess their current reality, process their challenges, and move toward a happier and more fulfilled personal and professional life. In this BURNED-IN Teacher Training Mini-Course, Amber will lead you through the ways you can prepare for, start, and continue on your journey out or teacher burnout to become a BURNED-IN Teacher through reflection, validation, activation, and empowerment. When feeling burned-out, it’s hard to know where to start.

Learning Intention(s):

By the end of this session teachers will:

  1. Identify their Teacher Burnout Type and Stage of burnout.
  2. Identify their burnout triggers and build self and habit awareness
  3. Create a plan and take intentional action towards facing, solving and moving through burnout in a proactive way.

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