How to build an equity-focused family engagement practice that makes a difference for kids

Eyal Bergman
Presenter(s): Eyal Bergman
Cost: FREE

The global pandemic has fundamentally rearranged the boundaries between home and school. Schools and districts have been forced to shift their collaborations with families from the “nice to do when we have time” category to the top of their list of concerns. Unfortunately, many schools are fundamentally ill-equipped to seize on the moment. Despite very good intentions, most educators have never been trained or been exposed to strong family engagement practices. Racial bias and deficit-based views of families are also at the root of the challenge. Together, these are potent headwinds. But they are not insurmountable.

In this session, we will hear from a panel of three principals that have led their schools through a deep commitment to family engagement. We will talk about early steps and lessons learned that helped them imagine a path toward more effective partnerships with families that led to meaningful changes for students.

This session will pull on theories and frameworks discussed in the recent report – Embracing a New Normal: Toward a More Liberatory Approach to Family Engagement and the Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family School Partnerships (Version 2).

Learning Intention(s):
  1.  More fully appreciate the nature of the challenge before them, and understand the essential conditions of a family engagement practice that impacts student and school improvement
  2. Learn about clear examples of effective practice that are tied to the essential conditions
  3. Have an initial roadmap to help them adjust their existing family engagement activities to align to the essential conditions

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