Black History Month for High Schoolers: Black Women in STEM

Presenter(s): Leah Leach

Black History Month is a fantastic time to shine a spotlight on amazing women of color. During this wonderful month, Gal’s Guide is putting focus on Black women in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Math and Engineering). Women of color have succeeded in fields even though they faced high levels of discrimination. How can we learn from them? How can we guide more women of color into these life-changing fields? Gal’s Guide will show you that if these women made amazing progress you can too.

In this 30 minute presentation, Dr. Leah Leach from the Gal’s Guide library will introduce you to a group of women in STEM past and present. Women who created the math that got us to space, who formulated vaccines that cured diseases, and gave us GPS direction. You will hear their stories, see their faces, and learn how to overcome the odds.

Learning Intention(s):

Students will learn how history can be a life skill.
Students will look at the representation of women of color in STEM careers.

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