Assessment, Feedback, Grading in the Virtual/Hybrid Classroom

Presenter: Laurie Ferry, Director of Professional Learning, CIESC
Date: January 28  |  8:30 – 11:30 AM

How we assess and grade students has been a looming question for many educators this year. Join us for a look at what teachers are doing around the state and a look at what research and best practices are saying we want to consider when we think about grading and assessment. We will also dive into types of feedback we can use and tools that might best align in a virtual/hybrid environment.

Learning Intentions

  1. Explore the types of assessments that best align with our current climate and meet the needs of students.
  2. Discuss technology tools that best serve the types of assessments identified by research and best practices.
  3. Identify John Hattie’s levels of feedback and examine when and how to best use these levels of feedback along with the technology tools that support it.

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