Assessing for Learning in the COVID World

Sarah Henry
Presenter(s): Sarah Henry

The restrictions this school year and the multiple versions of distance learning we have been asked to implement, have left everyone feeling like they are spinning out of control. There are things we can still control in our lesson design–Learning Objectives, Checks for Understanding (with feedback), and Peer processing/Collaboration. This session will clarify teaching for mastery and the intentional planning needed for this to occur. We will also take a look at checks for understanding strategies that can be adapted for the variety of learning environments we have this year.

Learning Intention(s):

1. Participants will understand the difference between coverage and mastery and how that impacts lesson design
2. Participants will understand the need to intentionally incorporate checks for understanding within their lesson design to plan for mastery
3. Participants will understand how to alter existing CFUs in order to impact the ratio of thinking in the classroom (in person, online, etc.)

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