Amp up your Lessons with High Impact Strategies!

Kara Guiff
Presenter(s): Kara Guiff
Date(s): September 1
Cost: $125

Double the impact of using a high effect instructional strategy by adding an edtech component. Kara explains each strategy and demonstrates several free/low cost tech tools that allow you to combine strategies to increase the effectiveness of your lessons and student learning.

  • Session 1: Vocabulary Instruction/Program
  • Session 2: Direct instruction
  • Session 3: Reciprocal Teaching
  • Session 4: Spaced practice & interleaving
  • Session 5: Self Assessment
  • Session 6: Jigsaw Method You will leave each session with ideas you can immediately implement

*This is an asynchronous event*

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Understand the power of High Effect Instructional Strategies
  2. Identify some high effect strategies that can be amplified with technology
  3. Explore and learn how to use at least tech 6 tools

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