Am I Still Relevant in the New Normal of Schooling in 2020? And How Can Data Help?

Counselor Connect
Presenter(s): Michelle Clarke, Lizette Baumann, Ericka Gayle, Jessica Sullivan, and Danielle Duarte

School counselors may find themselves asking, am I still relevant in my school? We know the answer is emphatically yes, but how do we make sure our stakeholders are on the same page? Helping our stakeholders know what an invaluable resource we are can be challenging, but there is a way! Data is the driving force for creating, implementing, and sustaining a successful school counseling program. In times of COVID, it is more important than ever to use data to support our work, demonstrate our value, and create the springboard for future change to prepare ourselves for getting back to what we used to call “normal”. Learn how you can make data work for you and your team in a way that will increase your effectiveness in our unique times and in the future, visually demonstrate this effectiveness to your stakeholders, and provide meaningful results that create change in your students’ mindsets & behaviors.

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