Accelerating Learning Math Series: Supporting Struggling Math Students

Presenter(s): Jeff Harker, Jessica Miller, and Courtney Flessner
Date(s): January 27 & February 17 - 8:30 am EDT
Cost: FREE

This 2-day series addresses the key concerns all math educators are planning for right now. How do I address the learning gaps for my struggling students? What are the most impactful instructional strategies I can incorporate in my math classroom that can help my students catch up and still master grade-level standards? In this session, we will discuss the difference between surface, deep, and transfer learning and which strategies are best for each phase of learning. When addressing learning gaps we can’t just teach surface learning, we have to go deep into math concepts and teach students to transfer their learning to new and unique situations like ILEARN.

12 PGP points for both sessions

This is a hybrid virtual & in-person event.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Explore surface, deep, and transfer learning
  2. Examine instructional strategies that support each phase of learning
  3. Deepen their understanding of reteaching, spiraling, and reviewing content to close the learning gaps

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