Accelerating Learning Math Series: Building a Partnership Between Formative Assessment and Student Feedback in Mathematics

Laurie Ferry
Presenter(s): Laurie Ferry, Director of Professional Learning, CIESC
Date(s): November 17 & December 8 - 8:30 am EST
Cost: $250

As we address the need to fill gaps for math students, frequent formative assessments are crucial to help teachers inform and adjust their instruction. This 2 part workshop will address key features of formative assessment, creative ways to gather formative assessment data, and how to best make instructional decisions based on the data. The next step in supporting students is feedback. The cycle of assessment, feedback, and learning is held together through feedback according to John Hattie. We will explore Hattie’s 4 types of feedback as well as when and how to use them. We will also examine creative ways to provide student feedback that will engage students in using the feedback.

This is a hybrid virtual & in-person event.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Examine John Hattie’s 4 types of student feedback and when/how to best use them to enhance student learning
  2. Discover creative ways to collect formative assessment data in the math classroom
  3. Explore creative ways to provide student feedback to encourage students to use the feedback

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