Accelerating Learning Math Series: Enhancing Student Engagement and Empowerment in the Math Classroom

Laurie Ferry
Presenter(s): Laurie Ferry, Director of Professional Learning, CIESC
Date(s): October 25 - December 3
Cost: $150 | FREE for GEER Schools

Supporting all learners in mathematics requires engagement by all students. In this self-paced 6-week course, we will explore instructional strategies that encourage student engagement by empowering them to own their learning. Students can become the driving force of their own learning. This course will engage participants in best practice research by Jo Boaler and John Hattie that enables teachers to create lessons that build positive math self-efficacy and in turn create students who believe themselves to be mathematicians. Join us for this very impactful professional learning event.

6 PGP points

This is a self-paced course.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Explore strategies that empower to become mathematicians not just doers of math
  2. Examine best practice research for key strategies that can enable teachers to design purposeful lessons specifically for student engagement
  3. Engage in collaborative discussions where they will learn from others’ best practices around engagement and empowerment

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