Accelerating Learning Math Series: 15 High Impact Visible Learning Math Strategies

Laurie Ferry
Presenter(s): Laurie Ferry, Director of Professional Learning, CIESC
Date(s): September 15 & 29, October 27, November 10 - 4:00 pm EDT
Cost: $150 | FREE for GEER Schools

John Hattie’s Visible Learning research has resulted in a list of 15 high-impact math strategies that have shown to result in a significant growth in student achievement over a year’s worth of time. In this blended course, we will explore all 15 strategies as well as choose specific strategies we will try in our own classroom between session meetings. The Canvas course portion will support collaborative discussions between group members so we are also learning from each other. If you are interested in trying some proven math strategies in your classroom in a supported environment, this blended course is for you.

We will meet virtually for 4 – 90 minute after-school sessions with time in-between to experiment and explore the strategies with reflection and feedback embedded in the course.

8 PGPs

This is a virtual blended course.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Explore the 15 key Visible Learning math strategies for improving math instruction
  2. Participate in collaborative discussions around their explorations in the classroom of the key strategies
  3. Create lessons that incorporate the key strategies that best fit their students and math content
  4. Reflect on their practice of the key strategies and build long-term embedded practices

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