Math Practices in Online/Hybrid Learning

Laurie Ferry

09 Dec: Difficulty and Complexity: The Answer to Rigor in the Math Classroom

Deepening our instruction or increasing our rigor can be elusive and ambiguous for educators. John Hattie’s Difficulty and Complexity Model clarifies what it means to provide rigor in math tasks. In this session, Laurie Ferry will explore Hattie’s model, provide example tasks and provide resources for where to find rich tasks for all K-12 math classrooms. This model goes beyond DOK and examines how iLearn defines its tasks and assesses Indiana students.

Laurie Ferry

08 Dec: Look Fors in the Hybrid/Virtual Math Classroom

What does math instruction look like in a virtual or hybrid learning environment? What does engagement look like? What should a teacher look for in their own classroom as they build an engaging, meaningful mathematics classroom? In this session, Laurie Ferry will explore the look fors of engagement, scaffolding, tasks and student conversations and how a teacher can accomplish those look fors in a virtual/hybrid learning environment. She will be using a variety of Visible Learning sources and tools to demonstrate these look fors.