New Teacher Cadre: #StartStrong

Ready to get a strong start to your teaching career in a collaborative setting with fellow new teachers?

While on the journey of being a new teacher, there is strength in collaboration. Keep Indiana Learning would like to join you on that journey. Come together two times per month with a focus on “things to know” as a novice teacher. We want to offer you a safe space to continue your learning process. Hear from our KInL professional learning specialists, current experienced teachers, and have opportunities to share what’s working for you as you navigate the beginning of your teaching career! 

This 10 month course will offer two 60 minute virtual meetings per month and a Canvas course where we will house resources, discussion boards, and recorded sessions. Participants can earn up to 30 PGPs. Most importantly, participants will connect with educators all over Indiana that will be a continued resource throughout their career!

What to Expect

Blended Course including:

  • Virtual Meetings via Zoom – 2 x per Month 
  • Ongoing Canvas Course
  • Earn up to 30 PGPs

10 Modules - August - May

  • August: Creating a Healthy Classroom Culture
  •    Time Management/Classroom Management
  • September: Parent Communication/Acronyms of Education
  • October: Engaging Students in Real Learning/Assessment
  • November: Understanding your Evaluation and Classroom Observation 
  • December: Valuing the Various Cultures in our Classrooms
  • January: Effective Planning
    February: What does it mean to “test prep?”
  • March: Your Role in Case Conferences and Beyond
  • April: Professional Learning Beyond School Requirements
    May: Finding and Vetting Online Resources

Who should Attend

This cadre is open to all new teachers in grades PK-12 with 0 to 3 years of experience. This includes certified teachers, emergency license, paraprofessionals, student teachers, transition to teaching, open to all!

Register for the New Teacher Cadre: #Startstrong today!

Teams of 5 or More are recommended

$100 / Teacher
ESC Member
$50 / Teacher

Includes FREE access to the online companion course which will house resources, class discussion forum, and recorded sessions if you miss a date.