Multiracial students in a classroom.

06 Oct: IPS Racial Equity Movement – A Historical Overview

It was during the Civil Rights era in the 1960s that I graduated from Indiana University and began my first teaching assignment at IPS #21. My class of second graders, all Black, were anxiously waiting to get the school year started—and so was I!  It didn’t hit me at first because this was not something the School of Education had included in my teacher preparation courses.  However, as the school year proceeded, it became glaringly apparent that none of the textbooks reflected the students I was teaching!

Dear Indiana Teachers

14 Apr: Dear Indiana Teacher

You are probably sad and frustrated today, and I am grieving with you. A retired air traffic controller I knew who tutored high school math students lost his fight against COVID-19 three weeks ago. Doug was tough and selfless with kids, and he changed their lives. I think of his wonderful spirit, and I mourn with dedicated educators across this state who now face daily battles against this horrific pandemic. 

CIESC - PL Connect - Visible Learning Conference

14 Aug: 4 Things I Learned at the Annual Visible Learning Conference

John Hattie and his work around Visible Learning is a comprehensive meta-analysis that examines the effectiveness of influences we use and have in our schools. During my 4th trip to the Annual Visible Learning Conference, I enhanced my learning concerning work that impacts schools in Indiana. Here are the four top things I learned at the conference.