person using computer and phone
22 Oct: How to Create a Digitally Sustainable Future

I once had a middle school student tell me they woke up to 247 notifications on their phone. After falling asleep at 2am, phone in hand, this student awoke at 6am to find all of those notifications. 247 notifications in just four hours!

young girl sitting on a desk and woman hugging her
15 Oct: Just… listen to them

In my earliest days working with kids, I remember a mentor telling me to slow down and just listen to families. I was just out of college, eager to make a difference in the world.

Woman working at a laptop
08 Oct: Working Smarter Not Harder

Whether you are experiencing inclement weather, planned professional development or navigating teaching during a pandemic, having a solid foundation for teachers to utilize is key.

Jamboard Color Classification example
24 Sep: Content Glow Up with Jamboard – Part 1

Surely you have noticed that students are a lot more apt to do something when it looks “fun.” Honestly, our students lose their attention and motivation when they see a PowerPoint from 2004 or a worksheet from 1999.

math teacher writing on whiteboard
22 Sep: You Think You’re Not a Math Person? Neither Did I.

If you’ve ever sat in on a professional development session with me, you’ve heard my spiel, “From here on out, you’re a math person. Even if you feel you have no connection to mathematics, you need to channel your inner actor or actress and become a math person.

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