Growth Mindset v. Fixed Mindset
07 Jan: Growth Mindset: What’s all the Buzz?

What’s all the buzz around having a growth mindset? Do I have one? How do I know? Having a growth mindset is an important characteristic for teachers and leaders in today’s world of education. Blog Bonus – A free resource awaits!

Video Tracked
17 Dec: Bringing Real-World Relevance to the Classroom Through “Tracker” Software

Are you having trouble bringing real-world relevance into your classroom? Tracker, a free-use software allows your students to film any physical phenomenon with nearly any device and use that video to pull actual data with regards to nearly any quantity. Students can explore parabolas by filming a ball going through the air, or sinusoidal functions by filming a spring oscillating. The possibilities are nearly endless! In this blog we’ll go through the process of setting up Tracker and how to pull useful data from videos so that you can explore the mathematics behind nearly any scenario!

Students raising hand in classroom
15 Dec: 5 Ways Design Thinking Helps Overcome Learning Loss

Schools today are facing many challenges and one of them that needs solving now is how to handle learning loss. One solution to this problem is Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a creative process that begin with empathy and problem defining and end with implementation. This creative process encourages students to redefine problems, inspire new ideas, take informed risks, and never stop learning.

Reading Relay winner certificate
10 Dec: Racing to the Top with Reading Relays

Our goal as educators is to develop a reading environment where students are so engaged in books that the strategies of avoidance disappear from the classroom. What might help our readers appreciate books more? How do we build passion for reading?

students working together on a math problem
08 Dec: Still A Work In Progress – A Change in Math Teaching

I wanted to create a space where my students could make mistakes and be okay, where they actually liked coming to my class, where they felt “smart” in their own way wherever they were in their learning, where they would push themselves to do better than yesterday, where they could struggle with something and still be alive to tell about it.

teachers at a snack cart
01 Dec: Leading through the Lens of Love

Service is definitely a calling! In this blog, Kirsten Phillips from Richmond Community Schools will share several ways building leaders can show gratitude that strengthens relationships and renews their passion for leading.

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