UDL and Up Your Classroom Engagement Strategies
22 Jan: UDL & the 5 E’s of Digital Learning: Engagement

Educators thrive when the light bulb moments occur, when students spring into action, and when students have their own curiosity bubbling in the classroom. How do we set the tone so that these wonderful classroom moments can occur more often?

Teaching Through Play - Loving to Learn
15 Jan: Bringing Back Play

It happened in a second grade reading class: One young boy we both knew had struggled for three years with academic and social emotional aspects of school. It was hard for him and hard for his teachers.

Martin Luther King Jr. memorial
08 Jan: The Person Behind Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Coretta Scott King

Many don’t know that the reason the United States celebrates Martin Luther King Jr Day is because of the work of Coretta Scott King.

kid reading a book while sitting on a chair
14 Dec: Something to Read: Books for Middle Schoolers

A trendy and probably Pinterest-inspired idea is to buy fewer holiday gifts for your children—often using the catchy phrase, “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.”

book open on a table with a sceen of a pirate and ship popping out
11 Dec: Books: Technology That Never Goes Offline

Reading is an activity that we as educators can always rely on as a solid back-up plan.

Brian Knight photo
04 Dec: People System First, Educational System Second

Leaders create culture; culture drives behavior; and that behavior creates an experience for others. As leaders, we must understand this.

a teacher in a circle with a group of students practicing counting
20 Nov: Top 3 Ways to Support New Teachers

New teachers are my favorite. As an administrator, I see them as a bundle of new energy with fresh ideas and a level of excitement that is unparalleled. Each year, the fresh crop of “I’m here to change the world” educators are the greatest gift we have to our students.

Patch of cacti
13 Nov: Copyright Isn’t a Cactus

Join Diana Gill, Director of Technology at East Porter County School Corporation, as she shares her expertise on Copyright and FERPA.

30 Oct: How Brownsburg High School Black Student Union is Creating a Culture of Belonging

In 2017, a group of Black freshmen at Brownsburg High School began to push for change. They were unsettled by…

Welcome Lena
14 Oct: Welcome, Lena Darnay

CIESC would like to welcome a new member to the Professional Learning Team.  Lena Darnay is the new Professional Learning Specialist with a focus on Digital Learning.

Multiracial students in a classroom.
06 Oct: IPS Racial Equity Movement – A Historical Overview

It was during the Civil Rights era in the 1960s that I graduated from Indiana University and began my first teaching assignment at IPS #21. My class of second graders, all Black, were anxiously waiting to get the school year started—and so was I!  It didn’t hit me at first because this was not something the School of Education had included in my teacher preparation courses.  However, as the school year proceeded, it became glaringly apparent that none of the textbooks reflected the students I was teaching!

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