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mom and her daughter working on a laptop
13 Things I Think I Know About Digital Citizenship

A recent conversation I had regarding digital citizenship for the first episode of our Keep Indiana Learning Home Grown podcast got me thinking. In my more than 10 years working in the EdTech world, I’ve had plenty of time to consider what digital citizenship means, and how it impacts our work as educators in a digital world.

teenager holding and using a phone
Why Isn’t the Abstinence-Only Approach Working with Digital Citizenship?

Saying “don’t do xyz” often isn’t enough of a deterrent. How do we better support kids in a digital world?

Digital Citizenship in the Post-Pandemic Classroom
Season 1: Episode 1: Digital Citizenship in the Post-Pandemic Classroom

Join Tim Wilhelmus, Keep Indiana Learning Digital Learning Coach, as he engages in a dynamic conversation about Digital Citizenship in…

person using computer and phone
How to Create a Digitally Sustainable Future

I once had a middle school student tell me they woke up to 247 notifications on their phone. After falling asleep at 2am, phone in hand, this student awoke at 6am to find all of those notifications. 247 notifications in just four hours!

students working on computers in a classroom
When You Realize Punishment Without Learning Is Worthless: Shifting Your Digital Mindset

“Digital Responsibility” is a broad term. Let’s break it down to 4 key elements.

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How Do We Educate Students Remotely?

**This blog, written by Innovation and Learning Manager, Kara Heichelbech, was originally published on IASP with a feature podcast on…

Creating Responsible Digital Citizens in Today’s Ever-Connected World featuring Kat Crawford and Kaylah Holland
Season 2: Episode 4: Creating Responsible Digital Citizens in Today’s Ever-Connected World featuring Kat Crawford and Kaylah Holland

On this episode of the Home Grown podcast we welcome special guests Kat Crawford and Kaylah Holland to discuss how…

student in digital classroom
“Are you with me?” Checking for Understanding in the Digital Classroom

Hybrid and virtual teaching have changed the face of education. Teachers have had to quickly (more like INSTANTLY) learn to translate everything that we do to a digital learning space.

Guide to Indiana Professional Development for Teachers
media specialist working with students
How to use your Media Specialist (and What to Do if You Don’t Have One!)

Media Specialists and classroom teachers can make a powerful duo. The Media Specialists have great expertise that classroom teachers can utilize – building curated resources, fostering a love of reading, integrating technology into instruction, guiding quality research, and collaborating on lessons or units. If you don’t have a certified Media Specialist, find some great advice on how to partner with your local public library!